Caught In The InterNet

netShe is fire. She is the hell he never knew existed. And try as he might to extinguish the burning passion raging within him, he could not. Haunting his mind – night and day. She was a witch with powers so potent they turned a strong, focused man to a pitiful wreck.

She crossed the room. Her body trembling, nervousness shining in her wide eyes. And it empowered him. Any common decency or desire to treat her with respect was extinguished. He strode across the room, pulling her into his arms. His hand beneath her skirt, lifting her onto his desk. She gasped and he froze, angry at his weakness.

Teasing blue eyes dared him. Her index finger trailing down his face to his neck. Its softness melting her. The need that had frustrated her for so long, obliterating any former decency. She planted her lips to her throat. Her hands battled his invasive buttons to sweep inside his shirt.  A tingle within her breasts inflamed her hunger. A soft purr escaping her lips. And she begged him…”Please, please…”

He hiked up her skirt, spreading her legs wide. With her panties visible, his hand slid up inside her thighs. He held more power than in any of his business deals, government meetings or Russian mafia negotiations. Her flushed face lifted, surprising him with her look of intent. He’d met his match. He cleared his throat. And as she nipped at his lip, he tore open her blouse. His mouth upon her unleashed breasts, his fingers inside her moistness. And she dragged his head to her. Biting his lip and drawing blood. Whilst her hand kept up a rhythmic motion, teasing his hardening flesh, working him to the brink of madness. And desperation gripped them both, their bodies bucking. And yet it was just the beginning: he would never be happy until he owned this woman totally.  And she, until he became hers…

The power of the internet. The deadly cost of discovering a voice that touches deep within your soul. Eyes that hold you mesmorised, never knowing if she’s seen hell or invented it! And that body, standing before you. As life turns on its tail and delivers a love that is more powerful than the signing of treaties or waging of wars.

Just the way she walks into the room. The purity of a nun in her face, the temptation of hell in her body. And she moves towards you. A subtle sway of her feminine form. Lingerie that sparkles and uplifts.

And then this man walks into your life and knocks you off your feet. He’s ordinary yet extraordinary. He’s difficult – yet his magnetism owns you. He defies what you consider to be your type. And yet you are 100% hooked…

She is an enigma, lost in a fictitious world. Ever changing, ever loving, ever ready to take flight… And he is the darkness that gives reason to her bodily desires. The one she longs for at night and teases all day


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