Political Empowerment…

politicsThe tide’s turning. And woman struts her way to the top of her profession. I for one champion this radical move. Let’s work our womanly wiles! We have the ability to turn heads, own an audience, and deliver speeches that are not only powerful but tug at the hearts and minds of entire nations.

Feminists throughout the ages, have fought for this day! Yet whilst career conscious women watch with unabated joy, a heady WARNING is delivered. Media manipulators are at it again. And boy have they dug deep this time.  Simple statements are inflated to create both a bully and a victim. And whilst Leadsom steps down in favour of Theresa May, the simple fact remains that woman’s vulnerability and femininity has been used and abused yet again. So hold back on the celebrations! For this is just the beginning. And whilst I encourage women to jump on the band wagon, I also advise to proceed with caution. And I say: if it’s a fight they want, then a fight we women shall give!

Mistakes make us human. And let’s be honest politicians from Blair to Clinton have certainly made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Hence, it’s time for us women to ditch dizziness in favour of a honest to goodness approach that is after all our second nature.

So man’kind BEWARE! Whilst we women admire your part in history, it’s time to step down and learn from the intuitive, the empowered, the wise women that were born to great fathers with great vision!




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