The Final Touch…

mystery 1

No words. Just the closing of a door. And he was upon her; so desperate to treasure every moment, so afraid of what was to come. Tearing at her clothes, a look of hell grew within his eyes. And still she was eager to take all he had to give. Never questioning, never doubting…

(You my darling, live forever inside my mind, eternally in my heart. How will I endure a day without you… Words die upon my lips, our story locked inside my mind. I reach out but you’re not there. I gasp for breath – a silent scream, a pain that no human can bear…)

And within the ancient castle ruins he returns to hold her. His arms snake about her waist. His mouth upon her neck. That tingle – stroking beneath the soft curves and folds of her body. Her breasts rise to meet his touch. And quiet moans encourage the onslaught. Lost to him. She turns…eyes of fire, heart carved from the burning embers of hell. A scream: the sound of wild winds and black crows cawing…

Fingers sweeping over her skin, sliding beneath the white cotton dress. Her silken thighs part at his touch. Hips rise with each masterful stroke. She moves to the rhythm of the music that plays within their souls. The nights wind – easing the heat that rages between them. Straps fall upon bare shoulders, and his mouth moves from one breast to another. And he kisses her with a frenzy, never wanting it to end. And she will never let it end…

A vampire’s bite, drawing blood from his lip. Needing to savour the taste of him. Needing to touch the throb of his body. Desperate to ensure he never slip away. Reaching inside his shirt, her nails stab at his flesh. Oh that warm breath caressing her. His frenzied mouth seeking the taste of her, yet furious that she should trap him here.

Her tongue lashes against his, gliding against his teeth. And now his body so pale against her hardened nipples. His fingers tense upon the eager mounds. Moving to touch between her legs; the heat that burns there for him appeases his final hunger. And he rose, sad eyes holding hers. A black cloak flapping about his shoulders, a mass of feathers gracing his body as he drifts from the ground. Merging with the crows, he lets out a scream that signifies THE END…





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